Sunday, August 1, 2010

A case study of tanking, rolling alts.

Over the next few weeks, I am going to give my experience of leveling alts tanks.

Well, the DK is an easy explanation, I needed a miner for my main. I needed to get a miner to 80 fast so I rolled the DK and I'm not a huge fan of questing so I can tank to level. Not bad IMO. I'm actually liking my DK a bit, such awesome CD's.

And the other pally...well that one takes some explaining. I will chronicle that further later.

Do you remember...

I'm doing this for a few reasons, 1st to combat how overly bored I am with the game and the 2nd to take me down memory lane a bit. I want to level these to by grinding instances vs. quests. I want to see if I can tell a difference between gear and player attitude. I also want to relive the beauty of not being so over geared that an instance takes no thought.

Stay tuned...

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