Tuesday, August 3, 2010

When is stam ok to start stacking?

Remember back to Naxx 3.08? No one was "stacking stam" back then. We were all trying to get block capped...102.4% no hit comes in w/out some mitigation! That was even the rule for oh...about 2 minutes in Ulduar. I do seem to recall thou, OS 3d (10 or 25 man) and Maly's tank was always the tank with the highest HP's, pug or not. When you went and did maly as a pally tank, you moved some gear and put your highest stam set on. Maybe put a new glyph to cause more damage and threat.

When thou did we as pally tanks start stacking stam? And even better question, at what point do you recommend others stack stam? Do you even recommend avoidance? I know the hard fast rules of  540 defense is still the number one thing. But if a tank just hit 80, is running heroics and learning, do you say "pvp shoulder enchant, stam in ever socket, agi/stam to light the meta"?
As a tank that does ICC and I have a few other meatshields, I still chose stam. Yes avoidance is great but its not reliable, ever. Even the proc or on use trinkets are horrible. That is why, when I go to the help section or advice section to some forums, I still alway say put in stam. At this point in the game, in the LFG system, you get 264 geared heals, you get the ignorant players that just want a 10 minute badge run, I get that. But they also like to see 35k hp's and don't care that you have 102.4% or do they care that you have 22% dodge. They wanna see your GS and green bar with big numbers.
What do you do? What is your advice? Lets face it, tanking has 2 hard fast rules....don't get crit (stay alive) and hold threat. Other than that its preference right? so at what point does stam become the rule and not the luxury?
I'd like to see some opinions on this.

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