Monday, August 30, 2010

Tanking Adventures 72

It went fast...

Stats for level 72:
Instances entered: 86
Damage taken: 17,815,982
Deaths: 42
Health: 13921
Def: 480

My Instances entered are lower due to me questing and doing the Wrathgate quest line for most of this level. I quested for the gold and I really wanted to see Wrathgate on the Alliance side. I then got to jump into the battle of the Undercity.

I'll give my two cents on this: The Horde side is better. I like the lore but after seeing both of them, Horde felt different and what was wrong with Varian Wrynn. It ended poorly. Why would any leader without backing and having been invited by the opposite factions leader to defend and take retribution against the death of his man at Wrathgate, then decide to take violent action against that leader who had backing (troops) and another faction leader with him? It just made zero sense. On the game front, I'm glad I did it and glad I seen both sides. If you haven't seen the Horde side, and you at all like lore check it out.

I only did two 5 mans. The first was simple, good group and very fast. The DPS was crazy good for 71ish people. I was last in DPS for the 1st time and I did 900 DPS. Not bad.

I was pretty tired, almost finished with Wrathgate and wanted to break it up and jump into a instance before I logged. I got AN! Cool, finally a chance of getting gear for me. The ring off of Anub is pretty nice. It would fix up my def issues I'm having now.

The group was ok, the run did go smooth and you could see that everyone had done AN before be it heroic or regular. Seemed to be a bit of AFK's in this one but nothing to long. Last boss went down, kill was smooth and the tanking ring dropped. And guess what....The Warrior rolled Need on it. Before I rolled, I asked him if he really rolled need on a tanking was his reply:

Needless to say I was a bit perturbed by this and more so by his answer! He didn't feel like tanking but he is still going to roll on a tanking piece?

I don't get this, I understand it but he didn't even ask, "Hey do you need that?" he felt entitled to this. This is a issue with how some people view life in general. His stance on this was, "I don't wanna do whats needed but I'm entitled."

This is not the first time this has happened to me nor is it a really bad attempt at a ninja. What really gets me and the reason I'm putting as much into this as I am, is this:

Don't rub your eyes, yes this guy rolled a toon on my server and to tell me I was the childish one for asking why he tried to ninja loot. Yes, he took time out of his play time to tell me I was QQ'n for asking why he did this.

I asked him if "You mad bro?" but he had logged off already.

This may seem like I'm bitter or over reacting but remember this is in part to give my thoughts and let others know what I've seen as I level a new toon on a fresh server with only my knowledge of the class and toon.

Good news in all this: I won the ring! What an upgrade for me, a real tanking ring. I think this is what angered him a ton. I'll just finish this by saying, loot is loot. It will drop again. If you are going to roll on something you really want, either play that spec or ask the other if you can roll on it. This game even being played on a computer still takes human contact either via type, chat or other. I would love to see more courtesy in game. Everyone plays their roll, they should have a better chance at getting loot for that roll.

I joined a new guild, the one I was in was a ghost town. No on had been online for over a week. The new guild has a crazy name and seems to be more populated with players of all levels. I hope it stays this way.

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