Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tanking Adventures 8-15

Did alot of leveling so don't have a whole lot to say about instances.

1st things 1st...where did all the good dpsers go. I know that people are still in the leveling process but WOW, seems lots of low dps and absolute bad players. Nothing outrageous but just don't get it. Wrong targeting, face pulls and awfully low DPS. I've have had some good groups too, Nexx and AN have been my instances. No new drops or gear but the XP is all I'm looking for. I'm really not doing well leveling a few different toons. The DK has taken a bit of a back seat.

This goes to my 1st point, I've wiped in AN a few times due to the keepers on the timer are coming before the set I pulled or are fighting die. It has caused a few wipes but people have been really patient and well, we get thru it. I do now know, I don't really like NE instances much.

Lil pally-
Well I'm flying on the levels, I just hit 60 and as of now I'm at 44 instaces entered. I went to the outlands at 59 due to some flying round the world quest turn ins and since it my first alliance toon, I'm kinda trying to see how the alliance quests are. I did the Uther line in EPL.

I did alot of Diremaul and BRD...which I'm not a huge fan of. I had some really good groups there. They actually made it a good. But...I was ready for the Outlands.

I did a few quest in outlands, and jumped in to que. I got ramps and a group that ws on the last boss. I got the YAY! a pally tank. I got to the group the people who did the corpse walk caught up to me. A DK ran up to the 2 mobs right before the flying boss and pulled. He was basically 2 shot, and started yelling to the druid, REZ ME NOW! REZ ME. The druid rez'd him, he taunted the boss and died again. The other DK in the group, DG's a mob to him. I often wonder why DK's have a bad name and well....this is why. As the original guy who pulled, died, rez'd and died again. Started yelling...REZ ME REZ ME QUICK. I had to leave group, with this statement "Just so you know guys DG is a taunt, if you want to tank, please que as a tank in the future" and I left.

I didn't feel like questing so I jumped back in que. I got ramps again, of course. This time it was like butter...so smooth. The healer was saying I'm very easy to heal and started DPS'n. The server went down and I was removed from group. When I got back on I was ported to town.

So que #3! Ramps...(I suspect I'll be there for a bit) again. This time was even better. The healer was keeping me topped off and the dps was really good. At level 59 a Mage did almost as much as some of the 72's my dk is running with. The Mage did close to 600 DPS. Things died, I was taking no damage and we kicked its butt. We all requed and did it again. This time in about 20 mins. Yes that isn't fast per wrath standards but we are level 60's and doing full clears. I have a funny feeling everyone is happy to be away from vanilla and into outlands and the change of scene.

I did after the runs, go spec full prot and got my favorite thing ever! Hammer of the Righteous! I will miss PoJ for now thou. I was running a spec that had 13 points in ret for ever to speed up riding and running while questing and seal of command.  I will see how this works thou as I lose parry and I lose my speed bonus.

Alt Pally-
Well yes I do have 3 pally's now. I do like the class so this one is on a low pop server and I stil have friends there so I keep her there.

I ran a random just because...and I got ToC. It wasn't a very bad group, friendly enough and this toon is a tad on the lower gear side, just barely able to do ICC heroics. Its a different challenge for sure. I'm used to pulling at a different pace on my main and this toon can't take that damage.

The ToC was going ok, kinda buggy like....well ToC is at times. We did the pull after Jousting and it bugged. The second time I noticed that the dps seemed low. I looked and they were all around 3k which is ok for ToC. But Stuff wasn't dying. After the 1st boss died loot took forever but I got Mark of the Relentless  from ToC. After the third boss the Shammy the group, had the away tag above his head I asked the group if they knew what was going on?

At that time, he comes back and says and I quote " I haven't done Sh!t and there isn't anything you guys can do about it, you guys lose!" and I'm walking away with my badges and loot too. He got a few comments thrown at him but WOW. That is kind of despicable. This is the reason that LFG gets a bad name, well this and other things. I guess its our fault for not seeing him do nothing sooner.

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