Monday, August 9, 2010

Tanking adventures 8-8


Group Me/priest/warrior/hunter/druid

Well, back to UK today. Just as I thought I escaped it...

Warrior did great DPS but was a recount spammer. No problems til second boss, right before second boss, priest says, "so sorry I have to go" new heals comes in, it's a level 69 priest. I think it was a bot. He didn't respond to any comments or questions and would not buff us. The warrior died on the second boss and was QQ'n the rest of the run, if he had Fort he might have lived. I got a simple 54stam Fort before the last boss. Priest finally says, don't worry about buffs, tank has fort! The group kind of was taken aback by that. I just said "it takes no effort, costs you nothing and helps you heal do to the extra health you get to work with".
Killed boss fast and easy. Healer almost died to smash. I looked he had 45 health left. Good thing he used Fort on

What are your thoughts on leveling buffs?

Lil Pally

Group: Me/priest/hunter/Shammy (level 53) and lock.

We got Sunken Temple. The shammy was huge dps in this run and I was pretty happy I was able to hold aggro most of the time. As long as he was on my mob I did ok. He knew the instance well it went off w/o a snag. I only did one today on the lil pally. I wish all groups could be this smooth. Everyone had to leave but all in all it was a good group.

I do like leveling a paladin when you have good groups. I still have an issue with the mana return. I drink more than the healers. The lack of "other attacks: is bothersome too but I did do something I've never done before with this one. Due to the way you have to spec to advance in a tree, I took Reckoning!
I was always hard on this talent and I must say I have a different opinion about it now. To solo it is great, in an instance its extra aggro coupled w/seal of command. More to come on this talent as I level this toon.

I did sell my epic pet drop! I have huge money on a low level toon. I've never been in that position before.

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