Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tanking adventures 8-1

Well, as I said earlier, I'd be posting from time to time about leveling my other pally and my DK miner. I'm tanking w/them both to level.
The DK,
I'm level 70 with her. I'm kinda stuck in UK, which is cool. I like UK. I've done it about 10 times. A few were bad groups and yesterdays takes the cake. On the 1st boss, he tomb'd me (the tank) 3 times and actually rez'd his mobs 4 times. I've never, even in TBC gear my first time thru there seen that many rez's. I was doing the most damage and DPS. There was a lvl 71 mage in there. That was shocking to me. We never got past the second boss, the healer didn't heal himself, ever! we wiped 3 times and the group kinda split.
The second time thru, I had a better group. Shammy heals, me, a mage, a rogue and a Boomchicken.
The boom was crazy w/AOE and it took some skill to hold aggro. I did ask he hold off a second before going crazy. He did good! He only pulled 1 time after I asked him to hold back. Not bad. I did die 3 times due to lack of heals. LOL but all in all it was ok. The last boss in UK was...um bad, I died on p2 and they were able to burn him down. Then the healer didn't rez and left group. That was a head scratcher. The druid did tell me I did good, he said "I usually die alot, you haven't let me" LOL.
The lil Pally-
I'm currently lvl 36 so I'm in SM Lib most of the time.
1st group was a dual boxer or actually a 4 boxer. It was kinda creepy but we got thru it. They were all druids, so they were either drinking for mana, healing, dps'n or looting. At the same time. I died once due to late hots. Oh ya, when I got hotted, I got four sets.
2nd group, no issues. Fast run and the epic ring fell. I asked (due to stam) if anyone minded me taking it. No on did. I got to say, a low level pally is not fun to play. Auto attack, exorcism and judgements. I can understand why people don't learn them well til late. Yes its simple but you are pretty high level or in the tree before you get cool attacks.
More later.

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