Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tanking Adventures 68

I am leveling so fast.

I logged on last nite at level 67, I was about 10% from leveling. I was finishing up my Nagrand quests and wanted to que for Shattered Halls, the people this level seem few and far between as they all head to the NE and the "good gear". I figured it would take me long enough in que that I would ding 68 before it popped.

I was wrong.

We zoned into the Halls and I was a bit nervous! The mobs are already running at you and the screaming starts. I buffed and told the group, I'm going to pull all the way to the end of the 1st hall or they keep coming until you kill them, so target my target and kill them quick. We had the 2 guards left, and a few more mobs had spawned but we were doing ok and the healer goes OOM and leaves party....OMG! We wipe and the group kinda laughs about this but everyone stays and a new healer pops before we all zone in. I had no business at level 67 tanking this, being crittable and the 7-9 pulls you get but we are moving along fine. We need to stop after every pull to allow the 69 priest some mana as she is blowing thru it fast but we are doing ok.

We get to the 1st boss, down it slowly due to the rogue standing in the bad stuff on the ground. But as the 1st boss died, the rogue was off line, we said we would wait a few minutes, cause the group was good. Well he didn't come back. So he was booted.

In comes the lockstar who had no grasp of English. I was a level 67 tank with 1% to ding, he is a level 70 lock in TBC blue pvp gear.  On our 1st pull after the 1st boss died, we have the huge 9 pull I think it is, with the mobs that are fighting on the sides. There is little room for error and I don't have the avoidance or health to survive 13+ mobs. As it is the healer is drinking after every pull. Well I get the 1st group, hitting the main guy and 1 caster and going LOS. The 'lockstar decided to pull the 2 door guards and we had a few summoned adds, I did ok grabbing every mob, keeping alive, and even controlling the casters to keep them on me. Instead of AOE'n the huge pack of mobs I have he decides to target a summoned add that went right to him, and what does the guy do? What does every lock star do, FEAR and AOE fear. OMG mobs are everywhere! I keep the crowd under control and there is minimal damage to the rest of the crowd and THANKFULLY he didn't pull the side pack.

Me to 'lockstar: "plz don't fear"
'lockstar: u keep aggro on ur mobs!
Me: you face pulled and the feared, if you target my mob or AOE the main pack, you'll be ok.
Me: and don't face pull again, no one was ready for that.
'lockstar: u not doing a good job n he (meaning imp) pulled those.
Me: Its your imp, control it.

BTW I'm still a level 67 and he is a 70, I feel I was doing a really good job on aggro and keeping alive.

Ding 68!

The rest of the big pulls went ok, including the side pulls. On the second boss, I newb'd it up and said, blow your CD's before he MC's us. And after this there is rogues, they will stun me, just keep them off healer. I'll grab them as soon as I can.

Well, on normal, Boss doesn't MC and we down him w/o a hitch.

On to last hall, I get stunned by a rogue, I pop every man for himself and another rogue gets me, what does 'lockstar do? What does every 'lockstar do? FEAR, pulling the dog pat, another rogue and then sends his void after the feared rogue, pulling the next rogue. I finally get myself under control and the mobs as well, we had a good dk that really helped the group. No wipe, I died thou.

Me: PLZ do NOT fear!
'lockstar: stop losing aggro!
Me: eff off, I was sapped
group: Be nice, this is going ok so far.
'lockstar: dis nat muh 1st time here, i know what to do.

He proceeds to run down the hall and grab the last few rogues and dies. He chimes in saying: see, I know what I doing find all mobs!

Before we get to the final boss, 'lockstar says: 2 mins, wait. We were waiting on the lighwell the priest popped, he was thinking this will save us.

I say, when the fight starts, please run past me and behind where to boss is now. The 'lockstar face pulls the boss! *facepalm* I run in grab boss, and say in type: Run behind me, well...a rogue and a add got our healer, the boss is at 80% and that rogue got the 'lockstar too, I did get the add as well. We have no healer and I'm dinging "low health".

What do we do...

I go into defensive mode, me the DK and a hunter are left. I put on Seal of Light, start judging light and wait til I need to further make a decision. I have three options here, 1/2 bubble, bubble or LoH. I have great aggro at this point, almost no health and mobs running around. Boss leaves me, does his charge and kills the hunter. Me and the DK left.

I'm about 45% health, boss is at 65% but I've got 2 adds and boss on me, if I bubble and heal, the DK is dead. If I half bubble, I still take damage and I'll have no heals or mana. I chose to wait til the last second to LoH. And that is the choice I make. Long story short, we got the boss! LoH worked, it was a great choice. I still had to take a mana pot to keep aggro and try and kill the boss before he killed me.

'lockstar: why u not get rogues?
me: you are an idiot, you face pulled and didn't listen to the "stand behind where boss is now"
'lockstar: I didn't think adds would do that much damage

I qued a few more times at level 68, got some training and finished my quest.
On to level 69...

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