Friday, August 20, 2010

Tanking Adventures 8-19

I regret to say I have not touched the DK as of late. Real life has been hectic and I am having a ton of fun on the lil pally.

Lil Pally-
This is my first Alliance toon and its on a huge population server.

I don't really have a feel for the battle group yet but there seems to be a TON of DK's running the Outland instances. I know these toons at this point are still pretty fresh and they are learning to play them but....WOW I think DK's feel its thier job to DG a mob to them. Not a caster standing back on a aggro'd healer but any mob they want. I went from confusion to OMG to "you pull it, you tank it" to I'm just laughing. I don't even worry about that mob any more. Unless I see the healer get aggro, I concentrate on the mobs I have pulled and move on.

I have run 50 instance now, just hit level 63 and I'm still in Hellfire. Its one of my favorite zones in game and I really need the exhaulted trinket from the rep vendor. The quests aren't really different from horde, they do have different names thou

I don't have any really bad player stories or abusive stories either. Just the DK's who DG everything to them. I did have one healer who was level 65 who had  trouble keeping me alive so I'm guessing he wasn't paying attention. Oh...he really didn't sit to drink either. He was always low on mana! I'd ask, "do you need mana?" he'd reply..."GO GO GO" All in all, I think that people are really trying to learn how to DPS at the low level 60ish level and they don't care to much on the speed of the instance.

I did get some time in on my Main pally, I raided ICC and I can say, I'm really not liking it any longer. Its not the lack of gear I need or achievements I need but the repetition and total burn out I feeling being in there.

We tried a few hard modes we have either not done or seldom completed. Lady Death Whisper was frustrating and no one was doing what was needed at all. No interrupts, no MD's or Tricks. Aggro swap was horrid and we lost a DPS or two every attempt due to aggro issues. We did do Sauerfang and well, its really easy now. Raiding was cancelled last night due to the long log in times on alot of servers. I could not log on at all, nor could most of our members.

I'm very bored on this toon at this point in the game. Yes I could do loremaster or....whatever but thats not me. I'm not into achievements, I like a challange and well, leveling the Alliance pally is pretty fun.

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