Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bout time!

Allow me to show praise and get the word out that its about time Blizz recognized this person. He is a good guy, does tons for the community and lets face it, some of us tanks would be lost without his "thing" he does.

The only thing missing is a cool lil tag at the bottom stating his moniker he has been given on Maintankadin which he is "bringer of pounding headaches" but luckily he is brilliant enough to put a TL; DR in each section to allow the "rest of us" to understand all that crazy math. Thank you Theck, for always giving us your best, the Paladin community would be far behind without you and you have always taken time to answer my questions with class! People like you make this game better.
[Theck's Emberseal]

My Absence -

While all the blogs are talking about the new HS mechanic and the changes in the spec, I'm sidelined with an ailing computer and a bruised ego, only slightly thou. My guild is raiding without me and while the get their feet wet I'm stuck listening on vent on my laptop. I'd love to be there dying with them, killing trash and planning strats. I'm a few weeks from being back operational so not only will I be behind in gear but I'll be the new tank again. I'm grateful that I'm in a causal guild at times like these. While I haven't been on alot with my computer being down, I'm not in raider status right now so I have the cold shoulder turned to me, ever so slightly. Time will tell.

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  1. Agreed - I'm excited to get my hands on this item.