Thursday, November 17, 2011

The art of the pull!

Pulling a pack of mobs or a boss is the first step of any fight. The first time you put on the shield and 1h weapon and que to tank, making sure you handle your pulls runs thru your mind more than once. For some its second nature and for others they never quite get the handle on it.

Just a few ideas to make the pull easier and help those who are worried about that contact with the mobs you are going to say hello too. This simple act is and can be the biggest issue on how others perceive you as a tank. If you don't nail it PUGs will torment you. If you don't pick up your target fast enough it can lead to a wipe and if someone can prove (on any given fight) that they can do it, you might lose your spot as the tank.

This comes from a Paladin POV and the reason why is because its what I know best. I have dabbled in Warrior and DK pulls but I'm not nearly as good or as comfortable with either of these toons to want to raid or speed pull. I would rather take the 5 extra seconds in setting up the pull with my non main toons than wipe and cost us minutes to corpse walk, buff and bio after the wipe.

First allow me to give you a tad of background on how I learned to pull. The very 1st pally I played with was tirelessly slow and methodical. He could make a 1 hour H-Botanica run into 2 hours. Learning to play in TBC ---> A L.O.T. of your success was dependant on your pull. Ave Shield (AS) was a 1.5 second cast, didn't silence and in general Pally's were not pull friendly at a distance. Now...consecrate would gather EVERYTHING up then but if you had a caster...oh my how it sucked. Til this day I'm a tad uncomfortable running and pulling with my pally because of my early play time. When Wrath came out I thought I was good at the pull. Shortly after LFG came out, I que'd with my hunter and seen a world class player pull H-UP in 258 ilvl gear pull and finish it in 8 minutes. Now as ICC gear came out and 277 ilvl gear was all the rage, this was easy. As I watched this dude pull this place with precision and grace I knew I had alot to learn. I worked at it, it took some time but after a bit I got better. Here are some tips...

This will help with bosses or trash. It might even help you when a pat gets you are you have a tab targeter who like to help speed the run up.

Pre pull things:
  • Is Rightous Fury on because you switched spec's?
  • does the healer have full or near full mana?
  • Know your enviroment, if this is your 1st time in this place DO NOT speed pull.
  • Watch you pats (caster or melee) is it a watcher who will summon more?
  • Pull the healer 1st, other casters 2nd and melee last. If you have a ranged (hunter) CC them.
  • Will pulling this set pull the next set or special mob?
  • Can LoS help you make this pull easier?
  • What is the first thing this mob does? stun, cc healer etc. Pre-pop CD.
  • Put second caster or secondary target as your focus, this makes switching fast and easy.
On pull:
  • Mark a target, let the group know who needs the DPS 1st. Mark CC's and make sure who CC's who.
  • NEVER PULL with HoR, if you do that ability is on CD, it does ZERO damage if someone pulls mob or boss off you, get top aggro until you can fix that. Its never good. just. don't. do. it.
  • Exorcism or AS from range. On Boss or Melee, Exorcism is great and allows As and hammer to be used for more snap. On casters go with AS it silences them and brings them toward you for that extra bit of space in close quarters fighting.
  • KNOW how your shield bounces, if there is more than one caster, did it them all? If not silence, CC or Rebuke on caster that is blowing you or your healer up.
  • Plan what o do before the pull in case you miss with AS or you get a pat that is too close.
Directly after pull:
  • Are all mobs on you? If not, you can HoR or RD them.
  • How fast did your primary mob die? Do you need to get extra aggro on your secondary target?
  • Do you need to lesson damage so your healer can keep you up?
  • Can something bad happen now or in the next few seconds? Have CD ready.

As you see the last of the health leaving the last mobs bar, look to the next group, pat or room.
  • Start this whole process again. Before the next set of pulls do  you need CD's to come up?
  • Does the healer need mana? If not...go.
  • If they do, wait a until what you need to come up.
I hope this helps those who need a bit of help on the pull, pull smoother. If you have any comments or questions. Let me know.

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