Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Introducing the GHoF!

A call to ARMS: Hello my fellow bloggers, I'm asking for your help, I'm looking to all of you to call out the very worst you see in this game.

This is not in a tattle fashion, not in a media way, not everyone who irritates you just a tad but...I'm talking about the worst of the worst. We all have posts about them, but with LFR and LFG putting an even bigger whole in the whole "community" of realms people act horrible, more horrible than they ever did before because there is no way to cal them out. Well, as bloggers, we get a few hits everyday and its just a few more people to see how GROSS the players have become and I see its only getting worse.

Asshats are ruining this game. We have a platform to let other know about it. Lets make a resolution to give a very brief and very special hello in written words to those who are so deserving of YOUR Gross Hall of Fame award.
If you look towards the top you will see the GHoF, click on it to read all about it. If you send me an email I will also add your GHoF winners to the page as well. judgingchaseyghof@gmail.com

My 1st inductee:
Endboss  - SKULLCRUSHER - My 1st LFR inductee. A very special kind of raider. I entered LFR after a boss kill. As soon as I arrived this guys is lighting up the screen. He was hammering the raids DPS. The boss was pulled and even during the fight, instead of healing he was sending out raid warnings telling others how bad they were doing. We went to the Spine fight, he told everyone he was kicking them if they didn't do a certain DPS. We one shotted Spine, but honestly it was low DPS. As we arrived to the Deathwing fight, all he did was complain, 4 people were put up to kick and none passed. He told everyone he wasn't going to waste his time and wipe over and over on this boss. Our DPS was to low and how bad everyone in the LFR sucked.

I had enough, I wispered him. "Listen man, its LFR give it a break. This isn't hard, lets give it a go and calm it a bit" His response "f&ck you baddie, I'm not wasting time with you f&cking suck ass players, you don't deserve to raid with me". In raid chat he said I'm leaving as soon as we get enough. He wispered me, "people like you are the reason this game is bad, how can you pull 18k on boss?" Me the bad one? He has people leaving the raid left and right. My DPS was slightly low but Spine on a lap top is a horrid fight. By the time I targeted an ooze, it was dead. My DPS was not even close to the lowest. He starts yelling (chat)  "Lets boot Chasey and a hunter in the raid for low DPS."

He did one of the most gross things I've ever seen, we filled up the rest of the raid. He talked to Thrall while we were buffing. He said a few choice words and he left group. We weren't quite ready but we were fighting.

We one shot Deathwing! Even with all that 'low' DPS and bad players, in spite of NINJA pulling we got him. Here was a shot even with all that low DPS. BTW I was 6th in DPS behind only rogues and DK's. Not bad for my DPS gear.

I did something I never do, he made me so mad I rolled a toon on his server and simply sent him 3 tells, "Thanks for the Ninja pull, that Ret Pally that was so bad you wanted to kick was highest non Rogue/DK in the raid and just so you know" "BTW We one shot DW" "You sir are everything that is wrong with this game, you make LFR/LFG unbearable and in general make the better people not want to play."

Gratz Endboss you are the 1st LFR Gross Hall of Fame entry.

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