Sunday, April 1, 2012

Quicky about Beta (MoP Protection Paladins)

There isn't much for me to say about this other than to link the Beta thread and say read up on how the rotation looks to be going. Ghostcrawler even commented on the action. So far, believe it or not there is very little trolling and the discussion seems to be helpful.

  • Exorcism is gone (ret only) which feels slightly like an iconic ability is taken from us.
  • Mastery is a block chance only now.
  • Divine Plea is gone for a HoPo generator.
  • Hammer of Wrath is gone (ret only) and there might be a lack of finishing moves for Prot.
  • Righteous Defense is gone. This is the one that concerns me most, as we now lost our iconic taunt and we are left with only one taunt.
  • Consecration is back on a 9 second CD and I like that.
  • Some posters are saying the rotation is slow, clunky and feels like there are far to many gaps others including Ghostcrawler, say there is only very few times that we have open spots.

From Ghostcrawler (source) -
You shouldn't have to "wait to do things" much. The Protection rotation should include Avenger's Shield, Crusader Strike, Judgment, Consecration and Holy Wrath, with Shield of the Righteous and Word of Glory as finishers. You should almost always have a button to push. We don't have a problem with occasional holes in the rotation, so long as those don't occur with frustrating regularity.

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