Friday, November 30, 2012

November Ramblings

I know I neglect my blog. So I thank those that pop in to read my ramblings the odd two or three times a month I jump on to whine about the game.

Due to the fact I'm not raiding with any guild and LFR is my source of seeing raids, which is equal to taking a few friends and doing a raid boss from two expansions back it doesn't really take much of my time, there is a mechanic you might have to look out for but hey, the healers can heal you thru it so don't worry about it.
On top of not raiding, having family in and out due to holidays and the the doldrums of the daily's grind I'm not really enthusiastic about the game right now. I stay for the time sink it offers when I want to visit my toons. I do have a fondness for my toons. I've known them for years.

So what did this month offer for me in game:

Shade of the Horseman is no joke when you are in lvl 88+ Blue. The fight was ridiculous when the DPS is to slow to burn adds. I'm not saying its hard but the ONE time I did do it, I must have had 16 adds on me with health equal to what I had as a tank. I can remember the last time this fight popped up in TBC prior to Wrath launch and it took 2 minutes for this fight. This time around it was about three minutes per phase.

Blizz still made it tremendously hard for you to do any quests that require you to get a hold of other factions players toons. So now instead of hanging out in our home cities, watching the kids spam trade with Thunder-fury links, we now get put in an unmountable city where we have just about everything we want but an AH and the other faction. Oh and a way to get from point to point fast and well, a city that is fun to be in. I still don't think I have seen everything that this city we get stuck at, has to offer.

I will say, even thou LFR is scaled down and basically brainless we still get to see the brilliance of the fights and design Blizz put into the fights. Elegon is a wonderfully looking fight and simply a two phase fight that LFR tanks seem to not get. Garlon is pretty neat as well, kill some legs, slow the boss, kite and kill. Lots to do but simple. I also like the Spirit Kings. From what I see, the raids were done very well, much more so that the last few tiers of Cata.

I know 5.1 is here, I still haven't started the quest line that opens the new quests with rep, I mean lord knows that we have enough factions to grind thru, so wondering how the hell the basis of a new patch would be to add another grind is beyond me.

Lets not forget we now have brawlers guild, this is something that is like PVP but not. On top of it, you need to get an invite, the 1st round of invites go to those willing to sink gold into by going to the Black Market AH spend gold on this. Another idea that you have to wonder what the braintrust at the front office greenlighted this odd game mechanism.

My parting shot for this wonderful month as we lead to the kick off of Christmas. I flew to Halfhill Village to do my framing. I have the complete farm open to me, all 16 plots. I understand that you must not make this pure mindless, but from the time I picked my 1st plant until I finished it took me 13 minutes. This wasn't doing dailies, it was picking my plants, taking the "Why not Scallions" quest, grabbing my seeds and replanting. Almost a minute per plant. Why? I had 5 Critters to fight, 5 of my plants were tangled, and the others were either parched or infested. Not ONE plant was just pick and plant.  I did get 16 motes of harmony but it cost me so much time I wanted to scream.

Til next time, thanks for hanging in there with me.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday.

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