Monday, February 13, 2012

Hunter SOLO's Algalon!

I love my Starcaller title, it is bar non my favorite title I earned. My guild did it when it was still pretty relevant, in fact we were the 6th guild on server to do it. Yes, ICC was out but just barely. We didn't have ICC heroic gear. We rocked Ulduar hard modes in one night and went back to Algalon the next week. We set up a plan on how to do it, I was to second tank him. Out other tank who had a great DPS set ended up second tanking him and I 3rd healed. We spent the entire hour, pulled our last time with 7 minutes on the clock and killed him in ONE night. We were so excited and amazed. I was a great fight, one of the best I've ever been a part of.

So I want to send out a big BIG congrats to the hunter 5 tiers did something I never thought could be done! Amazing job man! Here is the link and the video...

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