Friday, March 16, 2012

The reason LFR has issues!

People like the person I seen below!
The Scroll of resurrection raises its ugly head in a terrible way for many playing the game currently. Zones that are crowded, players not knowing their class but this is a totally special beast.

TBC prot pally tanking is not gone!
Welcome to WoW Vulgatron. Players like you are really the bad in this game. I can handle those who really don't know how to play their class, those who don't care and go ungemmed/enchanted, those who are running with friends and alts to gear up a main. But this kind of person and toon is really the worst.

You can tell this person has a tad of knowledge about the game I'm going to bet they have multiple toons, in fact I bet they have several toons on a few accounts. Or this wouldn't be a SoR type toon.

But looking over this guy, I see so much bad going on and it isn't because of lack of knowledge. Its because they don't want to go the correct route and play the game as designed.

In TBC prot pally's used Int for threat, its apparent this guy still thinks that is the case or maybe someone is feeding him bad info. My guess, is it is neither. My guess is he is trying to circumvent the system and get a higher ilvl to play in the better gear giving dungeons.

Can you image having this guy join your 5 man or LFR? This is the nightmare that everyone discusses so passionately on forums and community sites.

If I were to talk to this fella, I'd advise him on his spec, the fact that Resilience is not a tanking stat and that Int and spirit are no goes for pally tanking. On top of that pieces he is buying or using are obviously not meant for tanking. The bad part is, people like this would never listen and it would be a shouting match and then turn to a pissing contest. These are the know it alls that would blast you for a wipe in 5 man for doing anything remotely close to this.

Gratz to you Vulgatron, you make the GHoF for being a pure douche and gearing a prot pally with [Pauldrons of Conviction], [Vicious Pyrium Legguards] and [Cresent Moon] Clearly all tanking gear or NOT!

You might ask why I post or care about something like this? As the games community detoraites into the anonimity of the internet, people like this are the ones who cause the most trouble while running with them, or are to ungeared to help a subpar group succeed and its only out of pure greed.

Have you seen anyone this bad from SoR yet?

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