Friday, March 2, 2012

Prior to the Mist.

I can feel the end near! Oh, no no, not of me playing the game. Right now it is an amazing time killer and something I can just get away from my reality and well, I guess that is what a game is supposed to be, right?

I am not tanking anything right now, maybe only multiple mobs but not 5 mans and no raids. That time has come to pass for me. I'm to busy.

I do however want to see what MoP holds. So I have made a few goals I want to accomplish before MoP hits.

  • #1 goal is to hit 85 with my Druid and Warrior. This is going to take some time with my Druid, he's only 40.
  • Make GOLD! Lots of GOLD. Not sure where I want to total I want but I know I want to go into MoP and not have worries about gold.
  • Have my Warrior to be max Blacksmith level.
  • Have my Dwarf Pally hit 85 (currently 83).
  • Get exalted with my Human Pally in its guild so I can get the mount.
Just a few things I'd like to do with my toons prior to MoP hitting. What do you have plans for? Do you plan to keep playing the same main?

I'd love to hear others plans.

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  1. I just started playing in cata, so right now i wanna do raids like crazy 'cus i never been in one before except raid finder :(
    I have a lvl 85 dwarf warrior (looking forward to change him to human, worgen or night elf) and a lvl 85 human paladin which i think im going to remake... and a level 5x human mage :P
    I have a lot of thing's to do before MoP... btw when does it come out???
    P.D: Sorry about my bad english, is not my native language :D