Saturday, June 30, 2012

Almost that time...

I hate to say it, it has been a solid friend to me, a great stress relief and I've met some amazing people. But sadly I must say this out loud...I'm probably finished with WOW.

Why? Well a few things come to mind.

I am so bored leveling low toons. My druid is fun or, um, sort of. My rogue is cool but it is a single mob killing machine. I like to pull lots.

There is no one to talk too! My guild is barren (see what I did there) it has 185 members and 3 people have logged on this week. Most of my realID friends are playing D3 and I'm not raiding.

I have about as much intrerest in buying and playing MoP as I do of hitting myself in the toe with a hammer.

Time will tell, I'm super busy with summer here so I'm in no hurry but the economical and smart thing to do would be to cancel my account.

Whatever the case, I will miss my blogging pals I've made.

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