Sunday, February 20, 2011

85 part duex


I guess I'm back playing the game. I worked hard and found a guild (YAY ME) that fits what I can and want to do in game. I'm going to be as soft as I can here when I say this but the talent is a tad on the lower side. The RL is good, the healers are decent, the other tank is really good and then there is me. I don't know where I fit in this situation. They are fun people and try hard. They are not incompetent. I can be patient and enjoy playing the game for a while.

D I N G!

Really early this morning after a case of insomnia I hit level 85 on my Hunter, Zumhug. It didn't take to long, aside from the last few grueling hours of level 84.

I'm not a patient person, in game or real life. I'm not a spaz by any means so I hit 85, did CoC in Twilight Highlands to get my weapon and headed to Org to get gear. I choose to buy my way into heroic level gear. It wasn't to expensive. I had honor points so I grabbed a ring and was still 3 small points away from 329ilvl gear. I broke down and made a major purchase ((( Dragonkiller Tunic ))) I only spent 5k on it. Sounds like alot but really it was a fair price. I will probably have it til 5.0. This put me at ilvl 333. I could que for a random heroic.

Why the haste in trying to get into a heroic? Back to the impatient part but on top of that I know all the fights and I was pulling 6k to 8k DPS at level 84 in my randoms. The second to the last normal I did I was still in 232 shoulders and 245 bracers. I wanted to prove to myself I could put out better DPS in my 1st heroic less than an hour after hitting 85, than tons of the other DPS I've been unfortunate enough to tank for.

How did it go?
I pulled Deadmines as my 1st. So um, ya...WOW lots of rep and I'd be CC'n right?

Nope, we just pulled and pulled and pulled. It was like Wrath all over again. I was doing ok on the trash. Staying about 7k DPS. Then came the 1st boss. I don't like tanking that boss, the room is small and he drops aggro and I still here "Tank, should I wait longer before I DPS?" or "Are you having aggro issues?" The boss drops aggro time to time every now and then during the fight. Anyway, tank pulls and DPS opens up. I got the achievement for "ready to raid" and we downed him.

Oh, how did I do. I checked the meters. We had a Warrior, Shammy, Me for the DPS and the Warrior and Shammy hit 12k I came in last but...I did hit about 9.2K DPS. Not bad for hodge podge gear. I was pretty happy, I got a 1h weapon cause I like to dual wield so when I get another I'll go away from the 2h I have. At the end of the run, my number were 7.8k DPS overall and 8.5K to 9K dps on bosses. This wasn't bad. I could do better but I'm not a hunter expert. I don't really like to DPS.

If anyone needs hunters info I suggest this: Hunters Union. They do a really good job add a little humor and help the noob hunter like me a ton.

Next blog: Prot PVP 1v1

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