Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Random thoughts

4.0.6 is here -

I am a prot pally and I have a kick! Makes me WOOT WOOT, ok it's an interrupt but if you see the Belf animation you kick the target. I am now bad ass!

Blizz has taken us a step closer to a plate wearing rogue, holy power ramp up and kicks...

Thanks to all this wonderfulness of the gear in Cata, we as tanks have little hit. We have our kicks ( I know its not a kick but it sounds fun to say) dodge, parried or miss all together. So I as a Belf have torrent or shield to fall back on. I hope that I don't run into the "you have interrupt" situation and miss due to well, a miss. Along these lines is the fact that CS no longer generates HP if it misses or other combat fault. This has been beaten to death but is a "working as intended" by the Blizz's think tank that makes us all think that Blizz doesn't think, what do you think?

Rust or low damage?

I don't know what to think of this. I haven't tanked in about a month. Things are different now with 4.0.6 and I lack tanking experience with a DK as a the other tank. But...

I ran BH hold last night, it was 10 man and reset is today. I out geared the DK by alot. He was asking question about the fight, so I figured we might have issues on the boss. Nope, we one shot him...pretty easy too. It was a pug I was shocked.

Here is my head scratching moment thou...The other tank was killing me in threat and did about 1k more damage than me. Granted he had vengeance 1st so his damage was bigger almost the whole fight but I was really pushed to keep aggro off him. No the DPS weren't catching us and he didn't pull off me but I did use both taunts a few times just to match him.

It might be rust thou, I wasn't timing my SotR, I was tentative about pulling off him and didn't use my tools in the correct place. My goal was to stay alive and not pull off him. We did down the boss 1 shot style even thou it was BH.

My questions I've asked myself as I'm writing this -

What did I need to do different? Be more assertive, not worry about dying and worry about making the other tank work harder like I had too. More snap aggro.

What tools did I leave on the table? Use my wings, Exo (when not getting hit) and thrown Inquisition in.

 How do you fix this? Knock off the rust by tanking some heroics and running a few hours of target dummy practice.

Rust is a bad thing. Glad I figured this out with a simple raid overall I was not happy with my preformace.


Not sure! I miss raiding and the challenge it offers. I did find a guild more on that in a minute. I'm going and willing to give Cata another go, it wasn't the game that had me disappointed it was people I was dealing with. I'm sure it had something to do with me and where I was at personally but we shall see the future holds.

I found two really close matches to what I'm looking for. I spoke with both guilds tanking officers. It was a coin flip. Why I chose one over the other was I just felt more comfortable talking with one over the other. I will probably struggle killing things with the one I picked over the guild I didn't, but that had very little to do with my choice.

I go into this with an open mind and a willingness to wipe and have fun. For me the pressure is out of the game when it comes to progression content. I've kinda put myself in that boat with a bad guild pick and taking a break. We shall see how it goes.

Whats on the horizon?

Guild application process - how to streamline
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State of the game
and more...

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