Monday, February 21, 2011

LFG vote kick changes

Coming Tuesday there will be some changes to the LFG vote kick system.

Is this long overdue? I'm not certain this is going to be a perma fix but it will knock off some of the crap that single people who join a group will have to deal with. It will also stop t'he /2 LFG someone to que as tank, you don't have to stay" thing going on.

I really wish the Internet wasn't so anonymous and people didn't act like such ass hats while group with people they don't know. I think this might be a step in a better direction but this won't stop all silliness that goes on.

The basics of it:
Don't accept and go AFK outside the instance.
Don't que w/a tank or healer and let them leave, you are going too.
If you are with a group you need an additional person to have that kick go thru.

Something it goes on to say is patience is needed while grouping with people, which is totally true. I won't turn this in to a "this happened to me" post but last night I joined a pug and the warlock had almost as many HP's as I did. I looked he was in total PVP gear with the insignia trinket. I asked him if he had another trinket he could use.

His response: "FUCK YOU!"
"Just pull and don't worry about my gear". He was of course with 2 other guildies and they all started on me.
I asked him "was that necessary?"
I then got booted.

I didn't want to be in that run anyway.

Thoughts on the LFG vote kick changes?
Originally Posted by Bashiok (Source)
We’re making a number of hotfixes to address use of the Dungeon Finder and vote kick tools. The following hotfixes will require realm restarts to implement, which are likely to be next Tuesday’s weekly maintenance.

•Players who are outside a dungeon for more than a few minutes are now immediately able to be kicked.

•If queuing as a group with a tank or healer, and the tank or healer drops group (or is kicked) soon after joining, those that queued with them will also be removed from the dungeon.

•If three or more players group queue with each other it will require an additional vote for them to kick anyone they did not group queue with.

•If a group queue of 4 kicks the one person that they did not group queue with they will each receive a more severe penalty to their ability to initiate future kicks.

•If someone initiates a vote kick for someone they group queued with they will not incur a penalty to their ability to initiate future kicks.
With these changes we hope to reduce some undesirable behavior and annoyances, and encourage greater patience when using the Dungeon Finder. In addition, keep in mind that both initiating and agreeing to vote kick have always carried the same weight to your ability to kick in the future. It's always best to save your votes for when it really counts to ensure your ability to kick is available when it does.

We’ll of course be watching how these changes work to improve these systems, and always appreciate your feedback.
As these and other hotfixes are implemented, they'll be added to the hotfix blog -

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