Wednesday, December 5, 2012

For a Good Cause: Cinder Kitten!

My 1st purchase from Blizz's store.

I have never purchased a pet or a mount from Blizzard. I never felt the need to, even the charity pets. I felt this was a Blizzard money grab and way to get attention. Call me crazy it is just how I felt.

Well today I seen the reason to pull the trigger on a new charity pet the Cinder Kitten. One that I felt very strongly about because of how many lives its touched and where it hit.
100% of all proceedings will go to the Red Cross in there effort to aid victims of Hurricane and Super Storm Sandy.

The Poke-Man feature aside, I think this pet is pretty cool, absolutely adorable and well done by Blizzard.

Its $10 bucks and really worth it, if you can afford it please think about purchasing this pet. You can also gift it too.

Here is MMO-Champions video on the pet and the press release.
Now up for adoption in the Pet Store: the Cinder Kitten, a fiery little feline looking for a home to warm. Adopt this adorable rascal, and you’ll help bring relief to the victims of Superstorm Sandy in the process.
From now until December 31, 2012 at 11:59 p.m. PST, 100% of the $10 USD adoption fee will be donated to the American Red Cross's Superstorm Sandy relief efforts. This support will enable the Red Cross to provide shelter, food, emotional support, and other assistance to victims of this disaster.
The Cinder Kitten doesn’t just have good looks -- this kitty has claws, and makes a purrfect addition to any Pet Battle team. The Cinder Kitten has Rare-quality stats and is a part of the Elemental family. This not-so-cool cat uses many Beast abilities in addition to Dragonkin and Elemental, and can also Prowl, Leap, and Rend its way to a 3-hit combo against its foes—and look good doing it.
To learn more about the Pet Store, please visit the Pet Store FAQ.


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