Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Surviving the Daily Grind!

The long road to 90 felt almost painful! For the next few paragraphs I'm going to give you my ideals for making you time you log on when you aren't raiding or doing guild activities. I think this is the number on complaint I see everyone have about MoP so far.

Leveling my 1st toon to 70 didn't feel as awful as the five levels that Blizzard gave us as a jump off point for this Xpac. The rise to 70 was new, exciting and adventurous. I looked at my time on game as a book series I read when I was a kid called Choose Your Own Adventure. It offered the read the way to pick how you wanted the book to end. Some of my favorites. This launched me into D&D and a game called Dark Tower that allowed the same kind of thing. Even after landing at 70 I always had fun. Sure that was 6 years ago but doing your daily PVP or Heroic was something I looked forward too. I had fun, it never felt like a job or work. Sadly, the start of this Xpac has felt just the opposite.

After hitting the max level in 90 I felt relief! It took me a few levels and a guide or two to realize that I couldn't do it as prot this time around, that was pretty shocking as I've leveled as prot all the way thru with Chasey. Even at 90 with better gear, doing dailies in prot gear is tiresome.

After being a 90 for a few months, and getting me second toon to 90 showed me some times and I'd like to share them with you. Maybe its a bit late or past when it should have been written but if I give even one person a reason to log back on because they don't feel like its a job and just want to have fun it will be worth it. Because -  we play for fun, well most of us do.

  • Don't try to do it all at once. Pick a faction and do that one until you get what is needed.
  • After you get the Golden Lotus to Revered take a break from them and go to the others just to break up the grindy feel of doing only one faction all the time.
  • Enjoy the sights and try and not repeat the same set over and over. 
  • Queue for scenarios - I really enjoy the diffident aspect of this game that we now have. It is an easy 40 VP and give you some quick gold. 
  • Jump on a low level alt to reminisce about the game you knew in the past. Do a 5 man too!
  • This sounds to easy but don't log on for a day or two when you don't have "anything really to do", it will refresh you.
  • Remember the gold you are gaining, dailies are the new "I play the AH" part of the game.
  • Do not feel compelled to do dailies, if you do, you will wear yourself out of even wanting to play. Getting the VP/gold is not crucial to your survival.
A few good things about dailies -
  • You earn VP by not sitting in the city mounted listening to 2/City TRADETROLL spam his thoughts on his pre-adolescent view of the world.
  • You accumulate charms to allow you extra rolls in the "loot sac of fail" or gear while doing LFR.
  •  Well, that is all I can really come up with.
While doing research I found this from Orcish Army Knife on trick for doing dailies. 

I understand Blizz was trying to keep us busy and allow us a way to enjoy the graphics of the game they put lots of work into. The missed the mark big time! MoP is more grindy than anything else they've ever attempted. They did it for a good reason, so they think, and that is to keep us busy and not bored. What they really did is make MoP a full time job....If YOU let it.

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