Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Shout Out: The Undermine Guy!

I ran across a wonderful interview (Here) on the WOW Insider by a man named Erorus who runs probably my favorite website in WOW right now. The Undermine Journal gives you solid facts on what is selling, when its selling and even to an extent who your main competition is. It goes over Add-ons which are great but if the days lot have expired people seem to guess on the price of an item so this site tells you what the real market rate will bear on the price of an item. Not only on your realm but all realms similar to yours. You must check this out if you in any way like the gold making part of the game. I'm guessing most people know of this site.

But... introducing a site that ALLOWS you to see what realms are similar to yours.

I'm going to say many don't know about his other VERY popular, very helpful site called realmpop. A ingenious site that counts populations in a way I never thought of before. A quote take from the site states how they come up with the numbers:

How - To get the list of characters for a realm, first we record all the characters who posted to the auction house. Then we fetch and record their guild rosters. This should cover the majority of characters on a realm. To avoid getting listed, a character must never post to the auction house, and never belong to a guild where a guild member posts to the auction house.

Using the auction house to get real numbers is something I never would have figured could be done to get totals, but if you go to the site and see how he goes about it is amazing.  Above is a view of the info you can view on top of that you can to sort via his data seeing who has the highest Horde population etc.

What is lacking in graphic beauty on these set of sights is made up for in totality by the sheer amount  of info provided.

Thank you Erorus for adding so much to the WOW community and thanks to WOW Insider for doing this interview.

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