Thursday, January 10, 2013

Maybe the Worst Thread Ever!

Sorry for the delay in posting the last few weeks. I hope everyone is enjoying their new year and sticking to their resolutions. As if anyone ever does!

On to the thread-
So even if I don't post or log on, I jump on a few web sites daily just to browse the game and see what might be coming up with the game. I guess you can parlay that too the generation before us sitting down after work and reading the newspaper. Its just how I do it. Most of the time while reading some threads on MMO-Champion, my jaw hits the floor. I mean some of the comments and posts are just out of this world. It really is entertainment.

This thread that I post on truly struck me. I guess people just don't have pride; pride in themselves, their guild tag, their toon or are plain too lazy to push keys. I was shocked to read what I was, and it was all as an excuse of "well, no one else does it" so that must make it ok.

This poll, in which [about] 800 people voted for, shows that close to 61% go AFK while in LFR. (Source) So why am I spending my time caring about what others do in LFR? The sheer number of people who say its ok to white swing or not even attack while doing a (scaled down) raid. The problem is in the sheer number that don't even feels bad about it. I will post a few anonymous quotes in case you don't want to read thru 18 pages of this disgusting thread.

Usually I burst all cd's win dps then afk till execute phase and win dps again. Some fights just ain't worth my time and I completely tab out/leave the computer.
my 4 alts I afk hard when I bother to run them. Autoattack, tab to netflix, etc. 
yeah on my rogue this week i was afk for all 16 bosses, playing lol on the other screeen only got kicked 1 time - but hey i could que again  
Always walk up and hit the boss and get my free sha crystals. That's all the casuals deserve out of me.
I afk a LOT on my alts, Also you can easily afk on bosses. Just attack it once and then idle in the melee pool. No one will notice cause you don't even show up on meters. 
I try to afk as much as possible. Auto attacking and then spamming execute usually makes it look like i am just a bad with crap gear. Sometimes i don't deal any damage at all because then i won't show up on recount/skada and people will most of the time not notice me not doing anything 

This wasn't everyone of them, maybe not even the worst, but really the outrage by those that don't wasn't there. Is this what we have fallen to as a gaming community. I remember in TBC when you entered a 5 man pug or pug'd a Kara run, if you even thought about using Rep gear or a EPIC piece of PVP gear you got the "welfare tag" or the tell/lecture saying you shouldn't be wasting everyone's time by joining.

My head is still spinning by reading and contributing to this monstrosity of a thread, showing exactly how  gross OUR community has become. To some of the posters credit, there were jabs thrown at those that those who so excitedly proclaimed that going AFK is just the thing to do while doing LFR. But really, that is MMO-Champion, which leads to some of the longest, most drawn out bickering I've ever seen in a thread. That outrage, never really showed up.

I also understand most have to AFK at one point in a fight. I had the stomach flu a few weeks back and had to bolt for a few minutes, I should have not que'd for LFR but when I came back after taking care of my incident, I did ALL I could to catch up and not look like a tag along. I guess that is where I differ than most that are in this tread, I care and have pride. Well, if only more thought that way.

I remember just before the WOW Armory changed over to the new one, there was a 20+ page thread dealing with a 5 man run where a player had to take a few minute break for her child. The outcry in that thread was far worse than anything in the MMO-Champion. Point is, in a 5 man, you can't push ahead and must work as a team. I think this is where Blizzard has let us down, in LFR you have no need work as a team, as long as the Tank doesn't kiss the carpet, and during AOE damage the healers keep the DPS alive, it is a win. Sadly, with the ease of LFR, that is pretty much every fight.

I will stop my rant, now. What are your thoughts on people AFK ing? I'd love to hear what others have to say about this. Because it really only bothers me that it is so acceptable to do now. This isn't the game I started playing, any longer I guess.

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