Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Break time

The holidays are over, raiding for the non hard core is really ramping up and I think I must bow out of the game for a while.

This is not a I hate Blizzard, or they screwed the game up or anything like that. My issues are more with the players or at least the ones I've dealt with.

If you haven't seen my post about the dread of the xfer it will explain it more. After that I had one bad experience after another.
  • A guild that I joined, brought me in to tank, then said "it will probably only be in a pinch, or heroics to gear the guild".
  • Another who claimed they were 12/12 HM ICC, wen in and wiped for 4 hours on Magmaw 10 man while their tank who was wearing greens drained the healer of mana prior to the chain phase. I was outside the instance so they could bring in a 4th healer and soulstone the tank. But "I could come back in for trash"
  • After a  45 min talk w/the GM of a 10 man guild, I joined the guild and felt like they were going to be a good fit. I logged on at raid time and watched 6 people G quit. The reason? The GM just logged on and gave the guild to an officer and quit the game for good. The day after I talked to him.
  • I posted in the guild recruitment forums, I received multiple offers to go to guilds that had 5 members or East Coast servers who started at 5pm. After asking for replies of those who start their raid after 9pm EST.
After weeks of looking I found a guild, a good fit. The GM came to my server and hunted me down. He talked to me for over an hour. Hell we talked about non wow things. It seemed like a guild that I wanted to be a part of. While in talks they were 4/12 25 man Cata. Close to where I was. The raid times were what I needed. All in all it was a great fit.

I had to xfer again. I was leery and talked to the GM prior to the Xfer. He said w/the app I put in the whole guild was waiting for me. They were willing to allow me to make "new" mistakes ans all in all they were excited to have me there.

As I arrived on my new server, I did a /who to find a guild member, only 1 85 was on but it was late so that was expected. I whispered him "is an officers on, this is the new xfer" He says....OH F*CK another one. Sure let me get him. As I was for a reply he is trolling trade w/racial slurs and more.

I get a tell, this is **** what can I do for you? I tell him and the guild was really cool. We talked and it looked like things were on the right foot.

I log on the next day, Say hi and *crickets*...Oh, well. I wait about 5 mins, there is roughly 40 people on. I ask, "anyone for a random H"? *crickets* Five minutes later, a warrior pops on and says "lets do a random" and 15 people answer up. Not a shocker that happens.

A bit later another group is starting so I say I'll tank. This is a guild that is 7/12 now. We get Stonecore (I hate that place) and can't get past the 1st boss. The SP is doing 5k (alt) the rogue is in 3/4 epics and is only doing 8k and a pug hunter who was doing a good amount of DPS. They boot him. Yep the vote kicked him cuz they wanted to bring in a guildy.

Everyone was in agreement to reque for another. The SP who was in group was a rager! He was in guild and just didn't shut up. He was annoying. We got Grim Batol and the guild they brought in had to go.We get a pug warrior. We WIPE repeatedly on the 1st boss. Not enough DPS and no CC on the purple add. The SP rages, says he ill be right back on his warrior. He didn't solve the CCon the add but sure brought turbulence to the run. He blast the other warrior for his DPS. Tells me on vent, not by my name of course but as "tank" I'm going to pull off you, don't F*ck it up.

He didn't quite pull off me all the time but alot. He was doing 18K DPS and hit 21K on the boss. The next boss was a mess. Tons of wipes later and about all I could take with this warrior who was cussing out the healer for his lack of heals as he stood in the fire and didn't get kept standing or a B-Rez. He pulled threat n the pull. This Dbag was the worst player I had grouped with. He was in all shiny epix and did 18K DPS but couldn't stay alive or keep under my threat. He literally yelled at me for BoP'n him when he was creeping on threat. I salved him every pull.

Who was this guy? I looked atthe guild screen, he was an officer and the Raid Leader. Really? This is what I had xfered for? Well after a few more wipes, belive me...I'm not a pro tank but threat is very rearly an issue. Not with this guy, but DPS need to watch too and well, he said F*ck omen. A few more wipes and we all give up. The healer couldn't keep me alive, the dps wouldn't wait on threat....oh and the rogue wasn't tricks'n me either.

After the run we were in vent and all I heard how terrible that tank was, and how bad he hates this game and how this guild was recruiting BADDIES!

I don't think I can do this, I don't think I want to deal with people who treat a game like life or death. I deal with life or death at work, or I used too. I guess I could go raid and down a few bosses with these guys but I'm not sure hearing yelling over vent, like I did in that 5 man is something I'm willing to do. Hanging on and grabbing gear just to have it while I 'm miserable logging on is not something I want to do either. I want to build a loyalty to a guild, a guild I'd love to enjoy wiping with guild, but I don't think it will be this one.

I'm done for now, for a while. I'm going to give my beloved Chasey a break. I enjoy WoW, I love to tank. I've hit a string of bad luck and need to get out. To use a card playing metaphor, I'm changing tables after getting a string of bad hands but headed to the bar 1st.

Talk to you all soon. I'll check back every now and then.


  1. Maybe it's your attitude that everyone else is at fault.

  2. Thanks for the comment.
    I will glady discuss it further, you can email me: rmason92@gmail.com.