Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Cataclysm Dungeon Hero!

Thats me!

I am now a hero! and it feels pretty good.

I had que'd for randoms (with or without) my guild. I had downed all bosses besides Commander Springvale in SFK. LFG is totally random or so they say. I had only once got The Stonecore, the group fell apart on our 2nd wipe on Ozruk. I ate shield spike and it one shot me. I had that silly monstrous fight explained to me and I didn't get out of pound. Bad tank is bad, or so they said. Group fell apart and I started looking that fight up.

I got Vortex Pinnacle and finished it off. It was fun aside from the boss that throws you all around which is at best a dumb mechanic. I had one place left to do. A place I loathed, a place that made me nervous...

I'm a tank, am I supposed to say that? Do you guys have places you dread to go? I had to face my demons.

I knew the fight, I knew what I had to do.

One shotting a tank-

It seems that The Stonecore is Blizz's big FU to Wrath. Lots of movement, and mechanics in every fight that will one shot you. All bosses in there are capable of killing the tank or anyone else if you don't have total focus. In one shot.

Lets not forget the stupid ass trash that jumps, twirls and cleave everyone! oh, lets not forget the crystals that allow you to take more damage per stack.

The more I looked the more I seen tanks and groups in general having issues with this boss and this place in general. Now don't get me wrong, its not undoable or even luck its lots of awareness and movement. I have never, even most raid bosses are not as brutal on tanks as this 5 man heroic.


I had to face my demons, or stone asshats. I wanted to tell Blizz FU for the FU to us. I want to concur my past failures.In its essence its not a hard fight, I can do it. Cuz, I am not a fail tank...I think.

Well I have had my past issues with others failing in heroics. I mean hard, see my last tanking adventures post to see my 17 death run or my first time in Tol'vir were we wiped over and over on the Croc. I'm good at this game, not AWESOME, not PRO but good. I take pride in my play style and know my class.

We wiped a few times on Coborus due to bad dps or low dps. We one shot the 2nd boss and move do Ozruk.
I was nervous and this was pure pug! I had little room for error, the group was snide and edgy as it was but I wanted to get this done. BAD!


In case you don't know, he has 3 abilities: Ground slam, Shatter and Paralyze, oh a few other lil dandies but this is not a guide on how to do the fight.

1st pull (oh we didn't one shot him) Got him to 2%, really I did this pretty well. I got caught by Ground slam standing between his legs. I thought I was far enough behind him but I guess not.

The DPS was asking if I knew how to do the fight. I said yes, I got it but I made a mistake and said sorry. The fury warrior, a blood elf pulling 4k dps said, l2side step that and it won't be an issue.

2nd pull, I did the most pro move ever, I pulled the trash and we wiped. The DPS was really giving it to me, I said sorry and told them I made the mistake and it won't happen again.

3rd pull, got him to 20%ish and caught ground slam again between his legs. I really thought I was under him enough but again. WOW this fight is brutal. I was feeling the pressure, and the DPS was killing me. It got really bad and I told them, "look I'm learning the fight I've mad a few mistakes but either kick me or keep it informative".

4th pull, I'm nervous now big time. I'm shaking not out of being scared but pure wanting to get the boss in my past. I really IRL need to accomplish this. It sounds weird but its a hurdle I have to get past in my tanking career and life. I don't remember a fight were so much relies on one tank to do so much. I mean, hold aggro, move around him, not pull extra mobs and keep the boss in range and oh, manage cool downs and make sure the healer is ok to heal after paralyze.

I throw my shield and grab this brute up! I'm going to do it this time. I noticed his timer is off, at least in my head he is a few seconds off. DBM is off too.This is going to require my total concentration of position, and awareness to get my job done. Things are going smooth so far he is about 50% and I'm still middle of the tunnel.

I got this!

25% he enrages, IDC I pop guardian and hope I can make the movement in sync with him and his shabby casting.

DOWN GOES Orzuk! I got him and let these silly DPS know it. Yes, I was overboard! but I did it, I slayed my dragon.

The DPS gave me gratz and then bagged me for being a baddie.

Last boss, I say watch the adds and stone throws. I get one shotted by a stone hitting the ground. HEY, give me a break its my first time. I seen the graphic and knew what I was looking for now.

We pull again and:

Not bad for my 1st time in the place and I don't think I'll ever go back again. Yes most have this done now but I'm pretty proud of this due to the fact it the fight bothered me so much outside the game.

Can anyone think of a fight so brutal on a tank, other than maybe Brutallus or a very progressed raid? In a 5 man?


  1. Grats Chasey!!!!!!

    I did the same thing today...I got it as my random, and said "OK, deep breath, I will get myself and my party through this!"

    We 1-shot Corby, then the instance server said...PFPFTTttf and died. We zone back in, and our tunnel is reblocked, as if Corby had never come through. Sigh. Re-Q, I get Deadmines. FUN! Great group of people, great run.

    Later in the day...SC again...with guildies...and we groaned, buckled down...2-shotted the first guy...dragon was 1 shot..Ozruk...oh man...

    Our tank made the same mistake you did, and got caught accidentally :-P He was REALLY working hard though, that fight is such a PITA for the tank! I am amazed at how he did it. As healer, I only had 1 dot to put up (Flame Shock) with a 6 second if it didn't reflect, well, that was that :-(

    Our tank friend did the same thing you did on the last boss :-P One rock hits and takes out 2 dps, and then another hits and BAM, takes out the tank right when he says "watch for rocks". I was laughing so hard!!!! I told them it was OK and that we'd get it :-) And we did!

    Congratulations to you for beating your Stonecore fears!!!!! I am sorry those DPS were so rotten to you :-( *hugs* But in the end you prevailed!

  2. Yes I did! I'vebeen back a few time too. It doesn't get easier but at least now I know it.

    IMO Stonecore is the hardest 5 man I have ever seen. Maybe cuz we are a bit undergeard or most of us are but you need to be on your A game or this is killer.

    Thanks, I did prevail!

  3. Glad I wasn't the only one: