Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tanking Adventures

Happy New Year everyone, I hope you had a safe and fun weekend!

Grim Batol

I love this place. I really do! Great rep cool fights will challenge players skill a bit. The fights are not face rolls. Not entirely complex but you can't round them up and burn them down. But it was a PUG.

My fault for doing this, it was New Years morning about 6 AM server time, 9AM for me. I looked and no one was on in guild beside a "friend and family" level 25 shammy.

I every so brilliantly PUGGED! I know what you are thinking, why? Well I wanted to knock my Valor points out for the day. In all honesty as I zoned in the group make up was not bad.

Priest heals
MM Hunter

Gear wasn't bad and a few even said "hi" as we zoned in. I gave kill order and CC order. Things went smooth and stuff was dying fast. The 'Lock DC'd 3x's and a vote kick went out. She was removed. Incomes a DK. He was a gem. He arrived w/"sup, never been here b4".

He proceded to pull 3k DPS on trash and our 1st boss attempt. Somehow we wiped on trash and had the healer rez him.

We got to General Umbriss, his DPS went up to 4k. We wiped at about 40%, the healer had to rez him. The rouge tells him stop being a lazy ass and rez. He says "I've never been here before, I don't want to get lost"

We wiped 3 more times on Umbriss, for some reason the healer wanted to stand on top of me. I was charged 3 times. My fault for not moving but it was an insta kill for the healer. Usually I can live thru his charge. The helm dropped, the hunter took it and left group. I was sad, she was a smart hunter. She was replaced by a lock.

Me to 'Lock- are you glyphed for fear? What is that? o.O

On the next boss Forgemaster Throngus we wiped A L O T! Four times in a row were 2% ish wipes. The lock and 3k DK left and were replaced by a Shammy, who was wearing PVP gear "cuz its just fill in til i get good stuff".

The shammy and DK died on his fire phase. They both left and were replace by 2 toons that zoned in and DC'd. They never came back. In comes a 'lock and a DK.

Priest heals

Lock SS DK, we all go "WHAT?" oops sorry wrong target. Pull boss, DK dies in fire. Uses SS and dies in fire...........LOL

We finally get him dead, the wand drops, healer needs takes it and drops group.

Druid heals comes in, we pull to Drahga Shadowburner wipe a few times because people are unable to get behind him during the drakes flame phase. This was for a brief second, my fault "cuz tank doesn't have aggro on boss" "use taunt so drake doesn't turn towards group"


We figured that out, lost the lock, got a mage and killed the boss. All was good, a decent group with great DPS and nice make up for Erudax and slowing his adds.

I tell group how we should set it up -  Mage help w/both adds. Rogue take left, DK take right. Slow adds and kill them before we get to the eggs to hatch.

Rogue "I can't use crippling poison, it will hurt my DPS"
Mage "I don't have a frost spec, I can't slow"
DK "I'll chains them both, others burn them down."

It didn't work like 4 times. Some way, shape or form these three guys couldn't get the adds before the birds got hatched. They were all at 7k dps or better and couldn't do it.

Healer drops, DK drops, Rogue drops. 3 hours into this place....I'm at my wits end but soooo want to finish this. I'm so close to my valor points, I don't know if I can stomach redoing a heroic today to get them.

The mage stayed with me, zoned in are a shammy healer, MM hunter, Frost DK , me and the mage.

Mage give run down of boss, and says, what I have said about 15 times....Kill adds fast and we win.

We wiped. But I noticed something the hunter and DK were doing 12k dps. Oh, could it be, could we have a chance to do this?

DK says I'm so sorry I messed that up. We got him next time and....

We did!  I was so excited for killing this simple ass boss I could have hugged all those toons IRL for real.

In case you lost count: TL, DR:

17 wipes
3 1/2 hours (9am til 12:10pm)
17 players (plus 2 more that zoned in and dc'd and never came back)
96g in repairs
70 valor points
one very patient tank who used every CD he had multiple times (including LoH 5x's)

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