Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Just another DK.


I've never denied it, I'm a bad DK. I laugh at myself for just how bad I am. Being a solid DK has never been a priority. I mean for as good as I am at tanking, DK tanking came easy but as far as what a DK is really capable of I'm not that kind of player.

I've had some really newb moves with this toon.are laughable and legendary. I had hit level 80 with Khasey and never reforged her weapon, why you ask? I didn't know how to open the book that allowed me to pick. I had to ask while in Ebon Hold. It caused a bit of giggle in local but yep, that's me. That isn't even the worst one. I had asked my guild to get a good group together so I could run ZA/ZG with people I know. I didn't want to bring a group down, at least not with strangers. One the way to the bank after the run, a guildie asked me over vent, why I didn't have the DK only flyer. I was stunned! I was like, "dude, stop messing with me". He assured me, he was not messing with me and that they sold a DK flyer that was like a bone gryphon. I went to the trainer after having him give me directions and bought it. I was amazed.

See, I'm not the most pro DK out there. I've always marveled at good DK's that could use all their tools to perfection. I know there is some, not many but those guys are good! I've played with a few that made me marvel the class. I've also had a few people who stopped playing because of how OP the class is. Needless to say they are a tad polarizing.

I tell you all this because I'm leveling my DK as my second to 90. Believe me when I say this, the second time around it is going faster. The killing speed that she offers is AMAZING. Much better than a ret pally offers. I go with a pretty stock UI and don't really worry to much about all the tricks and tools but they are on the bar.

I"m leveling straight DPS this time around. I'm really kind of over tanking for strangers that have zero inhibition on what they feel they need to say to complete strangers. So I que as DPS and just do my job.

I have even read a blog on how to increase my DPS and what kind of stats I need to be a good DPS toon.


So today, I went in and did Shado-Pan Monastery in a PUG.It wasn't great, even at lvl 87 I was killing in DPS. I did about 26K DPS or about 6k more than the next high DPS. This might be a long run I was thinking. After clearing to the last boss and pulling him TWICE, I was even on that horrid fight still about 5k more DPS. We had a ranged DPS pulling 6800 DPS, yes at lvl 88 a Warlock hit 6800 on that fight. He dropped group and we got another lock. Mid fight our tank died, then dropped group. I was going to Rez him but he was gone.

I thought oh jeeze here we go again. I didn't want to give up. If you have ever read my blogs in the past you know I do NOT like to give up on a fight. It kills me to not try it completely before you die.

My instinct kicked in. I pushed blood presence, grabbed the boss and tried to maintane aggro as best as I could. The healer died! I'm like we'll this is it. I had enough Runic power to battle rez the healer, and we got pulled to the ORBS. I pop'd army right after that happened. I was taking a beating and had zero blood runes to hit Death Strike, so I sacked my ghoul and hit  Ice bound fortitude and helped with the Orbs as the boss fought. Boss was at about 1 million health. I figured we could do this..,. and we did!

(ok for those that see my DPS for this fight, remember I was running for my life for most of it, brez'n the healer and poping army while trying to avoid damage LOL)

Right after the fight, WOW, great job and AWESOME came up in party chat. Not for me, just for us, for 4 manning a boss that we all thought we were going to die on. Can you imagine a 5 man group acting together and to get a job done. Most of the time we take it for granted but every once in a while a run comes around like this that tells you even if you aren't good on this toon, you can still pull some amazing things off because you don't want to die.

Not bad for just another DK and I had FUN doing it.

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