Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Still Crazy!

My current MoP experience-

Just a quick not to say I'm still around. Why? I love the game, its a good time sink and I missed my toons. Sounds crazy right? it kinda is but oh well that's who I am.

I'm enjoying the scenery or MoP. Blizz really did a nice job with the graphics, landscapes and mobs. I wasn't sure how seeing an all China theme would go but hand it to them, they pulled it off. Some places are beautiful and other dismal. All in all it works.

So where am I at? I am not raiding at all this tier or maybe not doing progression in any way but will enjoy an LFR or two. I chose the path to make some gold prior to leveling. I made about 12k gold in about 3 hours of farming with my hunger prior to touching Chasey. I was able to make my hunters prof's and go to level 87 with out hardly doing a quest. Farming turned out to be OK but they are soooo abundant it is a market killer.

I have all professions covered aside from inscription and engineering. I'm amazed that some are so easy to level and others are requiring you to be a level to make it to a vendor to by additional patterns. Not liking the JC discoveries at all. In my 4 days of looking for rare gems, I've gotten 1 pattern. Sadness...

I'm going to plan on getting in to the 'lay persons' guide to MoP pally tanking.

See everyone around soon and thanks for sticking around, if you have!

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