Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Torment of Halfhill Village!

If I was a witty writer I'd make a song about this wonderful little city. It would be grand and catchy. But I'm not so I won't.

We has Shatt, a mecca of wonder with refugee's and research facilities. It was multi- leveled and seemed so amazing at when you 1st got there. It seemed busy and friendly  It housed everything you needed aside from auction houses. You could fall to your death in a second if you clicked the wrong mount or happened to be on the toon that was on the non Scryers rep. Located so amazingly it never felt like a chore to get to and was the height of the game for me.

Then came Dalaran. The create it created was huge but getting there was pretty cool. When Wrath hit, it was a mystery to me on how I'd get there do you get out. I jumped out of the sewers the 1st time and bubbled. As I landed I got tore apart by some wolfs that were close. That was fun times.

When Cataclysm released I thought, hey Blizz made a huge mistake by sticking us all in the home cities. We sat around for hours in Org or SW and read trade, did our few dailies and leveled alts. Something felt off about having no hub city.

About a month into MoP I"ve found myself never logging out at the newest and shiniest of the grand cities Blizz has put in game. While it is kinda cool, you can't ride around and well, just about everything is spread out in nooks and crannies. Its not even where I log off now.

So where do log out you ask? In a tiny lil village full of wonderful dragon and magical seeds. You can phase out in the blink of an eye and buy all the good you need to power level cooking in about 20 seconds and 60g or so (really I'm guessing at the price, I think it might have been more like 200g but whatever) and if you head up just a tad you can find an inn on stilts (the Lazy Turnip) with the coolest music in game (my opinion).

Every day I log on and do some farming. Oh, no not that kind of farming. I am not looking to make some armor or extra gold. I'm actually growing crops where my main, Chasey always seems to have to beat the hell out of some critter that messes with my plants. Once you get high enough level with the Tillers you no longer have to use their rusty ole can or hand pump sprayer, but you still have to deal with them stupid ass vermin that pop up. Yes, folks, I log on to a video game and farm! Why, cuz someone thought it would cool to take us out of the major cities and put us in the thimble of a village where every nit wit on the server ride their WAY to big mount and stand on the vendor or quest giver.

Growing 1.6 Spirit of Harmony a day is O.P. if you ask me. I farmed mobs, and did dalies for about 3 days to get my first 3 to do the JC research.

Really I don't mind the farming in game. It is kind of cool to grow what mats or food you need. The only real issue I have is Halfhill is so small its hard to get to what you need. The dailies out of that area are pretty fun and fast. Seems that all that work you put into cooking some panda wants to steal your newly cooked food for reputation. I do wonder why pre 90's don't get rep from the Tillers while planting.

Its really hard to talk to people in game with mounts sitting on top of the quest givers.
It never seems to amaze me that Blizz never pre-thinks these things thru. If you are on at a busy time on a busy server it could take 5 minutes to get the person you need to talk to. Doing the Golden Lotus dailies is pain stacking at times.

The other biggest pain in the butt right now is logging on to farm rep. Yes, I"ve heard that rep farming was done. But if you don't you won't get the rep you need to get patterns and well epics. The money is great. Logging on to do a job is NOT!

I wonder how the quaint people of this tiny village think of the growth potential of all the new guests?

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